Getting to Know Barbara & Bob …

We have been working as a team for approximately 10 years and have 25 years combined residential real estate experience.

Why did we choose to work together?  Pretty simple actually … we found that we shared common values and believed that integrity and honesty were paramount to success in a client focused business.   We both love our profession and value ongoing relationships with many of our past clients.  In addition to all of this, we are married, so it makes sense to work together!

We are passionate about selling real estate, but enjoy spending our leisure time with our families and sailing.  As a couple, we value family, which consists of 4 fabulous daughters, aged 27 to 40 and we have been blessed with 5 amazing grandchildren.

Barbara was born in a small Ontario town and moved to Mississauga in the 1970’s and eventually to Oakville.  Prior to selling real estate,  Barbara had a successful career in IT, working in various industries as an Analyst, IT Manager and Consultant.  Barbara is the creative force behind most of our marketing, advertising & networking.

Bob was born in Liverpool, England and came to Canada in 1966.  Prior to selling real estate, Bob spent 25 years as CEO and CFO in Industry and is a  Certified General Accountant.  Aside from being a powerful negotiator, Bob is the number cruncher and pays meticulous attention to ensure accuracy in all of the transaction details.

Barbara and Bob’s combined skill sets cover all the bases along with providing personalized customer service.